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Nestled in the vibrant heart of the city, our gallery is a beacon for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering a sanctuary where the pulsating energies of contemporary art blend seamlessly with timeless classics. With a meticulously curated collection that spans various mediums and movements, our space is more than just a gallery; it's a dynamic platform where emerging talents and established artists converge, creating a dialogue that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries.


Rain Spann Bio

Mission Statement:
My practice is rooted in the process of experimenting with the abstraction of geometric and organic forms, most of which incorporate layering and mixed media, centered around the idea I call 'Geometric-Organicism. This idea reflects the relationship that humans have with nature and technology while also highlighting our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us. I find joy in exploring themes such as growth, duality, and perception since it gives me a chance to reflect on personal experiences and perspectives. My aim is to encourage viewers to reflect on their own relationship with the world, themselves, and others. I also hope to encourage others to appreciate the beauty of the many forms around us. Lately, I have been experimenting with more collage techniques to create multi-medium works that are focused on the metaphorical/literal layers of the human figure.

Rain Spann is an exhibiting fine artist based in Virginia. Spann has devoted extensive time and dedication to his study, utilizing his resources, observation, and environment to further understanding of his surroundings and their foundation. With influences of his digital background and the natural order of nature, Spann implements a blueprint to his own visual language, "Geometric Organicism.” Geometric organicism embodies the fantasy of surrealism, forms of futurism and dynamism, and the intensity of neo-expressionism. With this language, the artist practices self-expression and self-exploration through figurative expression. He strives for balance in his work, often layering shapes and colors to create vibrant and hidden figures. Recently, he has journeyed into collage to further deepen the layers of his work. A signature element of Spann’s pieces are the petal-shaped floral projections found by the figures of the skull, indicating a passage of time and hopefulness for the future. Spann is also a graphic designer, engineer and director.

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Aleyah Grimes

Co-Owner, Gallery Manager

Ra-Twoine "Rosetta" Fields

Co-Owner, Lead Curator

Past Exhibitions

Aleyah Grimes
In Our Element
November 10th 2023 - December 15th 2023

Dathan Kane: PORTALS (September 15th 2023 - October 27th 2023)

Keep It 1000 (May 26th 2023- June 24th 2023)

Rain Spann: Growing Spirit (July 7th 2023 - August 26th 2023)

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